About the 34th

Thinking about the work of art as something permeable to the relationships it establishes with its surroundings, rather than as something crystallized, the 34th Bienal was conceived to expand in space – extending through partnerships with 25 cultural institutions in the city – and in time – through solo shows and performances held in the Bienal Pavilion during the lead up to the event’s main group show. Due to the recent occurrences, the shows by Clara Ianni and Deana Lawson needed to be suspended and the performances of works by León Ferrari and Hélio Oiticica are being reconsidered. The ideas of the rehearsal and of the open rehearsal, central to the methodology used for the conception and construction of this Bienal, were put to the test throughout these months of work. The adjustments and changes, which are now being multiplied due to the Covid-19 pandemic, are an integral and relevant part of the process of insistence, transformation and fine tuning that has gone into the design of the 34th Bienal.

Though It's Dark, Still I Sing

The curatorial project of the 34th Bienal de São Paulo intends to expand the exhibition, multiplying the opportunities to encounter art and claiming, at the same time, the right to opacity of both artistic expressions and also identities of subjects and social groups see more

Connected with São Paulo

The 34th Bienal is taking place as the outcome of a fortunate encounter. On the one hand, there is an institution that believes in the importance of dialogue and the power of its rich web of partners. On the other, there is a curatorial project that leverages the institution’s objectives and strong points. see more


Architectural project concept by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos and exhibition design development by Metrópole Arquitetos Associados see more

Visual identity

Developed by artist and designer Vitor Cesar with Fernanda Porto, Julia Pinto and Deborah Salles see more

About the title

Find out more about the history behind the title of the 34th Bienal see more

Letters from our partners

Presentations by Itaú Cultural, Sesc São Paulo, Bahia Asset Management and Instituto Cultural Vale see more


Behind each of the companies listed here, there is a group of committed people working for the development of culture and for the democratization of access to art. Know the supporters of Fundação Bienal. see more


Who makes the 34th Bienal de São Paulo see more

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